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When we have a collection of webinars and seminars for several months in the future, there's a large amount of maintenance work that comes with keeping a page updated. This boilerplate provides simple code to populate a page with events entered in a simple JSON format. This can handle events associated with a location, those that are online, or any combination of the two. The code on this page is dependent on jQuery and moment.js. Future development includes automatic hiding of events the date after they occur using the moment.js library.

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Foundation Level Webinars Expand

Current Courses

  • Foundations: Deciding on a Webinar
  • Foundations: What to Expect in a Webinar
  • Foundations: How to Get the Most Out of a Webinar
  • Foundations: Technical Requirements for Watching a Webinar
  • Foundations: Look your best! Self-Care for Webcasting
  • Foundations: Action Items- Next Steps for your Viewers

Intermediate Level Webinars Expand

Current Courses

  • WebCast Strategies and Technologies

    • Learn about the latest WebCast technologies and how to successfully broadcast your webinar
  • Connecting with your Audience

    • Use social media and other promotional outlets to reach your target audience
    • Boost audience involvement and get feedback to produce even better webinars
  • Presentation Tips and Tricks

    • Create visually engaging presentations without overwhelming your viewers
    • Present your webcam feed as an overlay during your presentation
    • How to optimize for small screen sizes
  • Hardware Overview

    • Our team's suggested hardware suite optimizing quality for value
  • Annual Webinar Convention*

    • Attend seminars and presentations from industry rockstars
    • Find your community with webcasters from across the United States
    • Socialize in the luxurious Grand Meeting Hotel
    • Build a network and expand your reach
    • *Now accepting papers!

Expert Level Webinars Expand

Current Courses

  • Promoting your Webinars

    • Google AdWords Tips to get the Most Return from your Advertising Budget
    • Hard-Copy Advertising- Getting word out to the local community
    • Being a part of the Online Webinar Community
  • Making a Website for your Webinar Series

    • Considerations and priorities when making your website
    • SEO Optimization
    • Industry Standards

Upcoming Events

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Cvent Registration Instructions

  1. Click the in-person training seminar you want to register for.
  2. In the lower right-hand corner of the event page, click REGISTER.
  3. Fill out the registration information on each page, clicking NEXT to advance on each page.
    • On the Item Selection section pages, make sure you select the track registration that best reflects your role and interests. Then, review your pre-selected session registrations.
    • On the Hotel Request page, select Yes if you need to reserve a hotel room, and then fill out the additional required information.
  4. Review your information on the Registration Summary page. Click FINISH to complete your registration.

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